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The skill flow of square steel pipe manufacturing

The skill flow of square steel pipe manufacturing. Take the straight seam pipe as an example. If you want to make a long-radius self-sealing pipe, if you use a steel billet manufacturer's pipe, you must first select the standard and propose the pipe material. The extension rate, after theoretical accounting, usually extends between 44% and 46% and goes back. The typical elongation of a short radius of 220 mm is 60%.

After selecting the material, the material is cut according to the standard of the straight seam pipe, and then the scientific radius, for example, the straight seam pipe of 11° is calculated, and the straight seam pipe of 12° can be processed by the scientific calculation.

It can be calculated by theoretical calculation, and then intercepted with the length as the fixed length. Finally, the material is hot rolled. We can all see the rolling mill and the practice is very simple. It is a semi-circular core or roller, the roller is thickened and thinned, and the rolling process is an extended zigzag process. There is support at the back, the cutting pipe section is threaded into the roller, and a rear frame is used to fix the roller.

There is an electric wheel in the center, some of the electric wheels are hydraulically driven, some are driven by mechanical transmission, that is, screw drive, and then the electric wheel is rolled forward. The electric wheel rolls the pipe and goes forward along the roller. There is an induction ring outside the roller. The tube is heated and heated. Then the electric wheel rolls the tube and processes one. After rolling, the square steel pipe should be flattened in this hot state. Because some straight seam pipes are not properly handled, they will be distorted, which is not allowed.

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