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Wholesale cold rolled tube Factory Quotes

Wholesale cold rolled tube Factory Quotes

Cold rolled steel sheet, referred to as cold rolled steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet, cold plate, etc. It also includes stainless steel plates, spring steel plates, hard steel plates, galvanized plates, tin plates, aluminized plates, etc. Cold rolled thin steel strip is referred to as cold rolled steel strip, cold rolled steel strip, steel strip, strip steel, thin steel strip, cold rolled coil, etc. Also includes stainless steel strip, galvanized steel strip, tin-plated steel strip, etc.

Cold-rolled steel sheet standard Cold-rolled steel sheet and strip (hereinafter referred to as cold-rolled sheet) are mainly used for stamping of parts. The mechanical properties of cold-rolled sheet are very important, and it is directly related to the stamping performance of the sheet. Cold-rolled sheets are classified in different heat treatment states, with different hardness materials and used for different processing methods. The national standard GB / T 13237-1991 "High-quality carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheets and strips" will cold-rolled sheets It is roughly divided into three levels, P level is used for ordinary stamping, S level is used for deep stamping, and Z level is used for deepest stamping. Chinese metallurgical standard YB / T 5059-1993 "Low-carbon steel cold-rolled steel strip" divides thin steel plates into five grades according to hardness, namely: TR (extra grade), R (soft), BR (semi-soft), and DY (low hardness) ) And Y (cold).

In fact, through a certain degree of cold rolling deformation and the proper cooperation of post-cold rolling heat treatment, the user's requirements on the mechanical properties of the material can be met in a wide range. Cold rolled sheet can be divided into more grades according to user processing requirements. For example, the classification of Japanese Industrial Standard JIS G3141-1996 "Cold-rolled carbon steel plates and strips" is divided into three categories: general (spcc), stamping (spcd) and deep-drawing (spce). For annealing, standard hardening, 1/8 hard, 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, all hard and so on.

In terms of testing the mechanical properties of cold-rolled sheets, some standards only specify tensile tests, and other standards specify hardness tests in addition to tensile tests.

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