hot rolled steel coils
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    JIS G3101 Hot Rolled Coils for construction

    JIS G3101 Hot Rolled Coils for construction

    Hot rolling coil is made of continuous casting or primary rolling slab as raw material, heated by stepping heating furnace, descaled by high pressure water into the rough rolling mill, rough rolling material after cutting head, tail, and then into the finishing mill, the computer control rolling, after the final rolling is laminar cooling (computer control cooling rate) and coiler coiling, become straight coil. Hot rolled products have high strength, good toughness, easy processing and good weldability and other excellent properties, so they are widely used in construction, machinery, boiler, pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries. Application scope: (1) After annealing, it is processed into ordinary cold rolling; (2) Galvanizing unit with annealing pre-treatment device processes galvanizing; (3) Basically do not need to process the panel.

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