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Advantages of square steel pipe

Many people think that the square steel pipe is not very demanding on the environment, as long as it can be used, but this idea is very wrong, because once the environment is not so ideal, the square steel pipe can not be played out with many functions, so it can not be It is used normally.

So what are the specific requirements for the environment? The first is the control of the temperature, generally between minus 40 degrees and 70 degrees. Beyond this range, the function of the square steel pipe will definitely be affected accordingly. This data is obtained by the manufacturer after numerous tests, which can fully guarantee the insulation performance and flame retardant performance of the square steel tube.

In addition, the surrounding humidity should be controlled in place to avoid the impact of the steel tube due to the too humid environment. In addition, there seems to be no special requirement for other steel pipe manufacturers. In fact, in general, the performance of square steel pipe will not be affected. After all, temperature control is more suitable.

Give everyone a detailed introduction to the advantages of a steel pipe below:

1. As long as the forming angle is changed, it is possible to produce steel pipes of various calibers with strips of the same width, which is easy to adjust.

2. Because it is continuous bending, the length of the square steel tube is not limited, and the length can be determined at will.

3. The weld spiral is evenly distributed on the circumference of the entire square steel pipe, so the square steel pipe has high dimensional precision and strong strength.

4. Easy to change the size, suitable for the production of small batches and multi-type square steel pipes.

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