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Discount galvanized steel pipe Promotions

Is galvanized square tube magnetic

Have you studied the galvanized square tube carefully? In fact, your magnet can be attracted by the magnet, indicating that the galvanized square tube is magnetic, so the galvanized square tube is designed and processed on the basis of the square tube. Square tube is not magnetic, so why is galvanized square tube magnetic? In fact, many customers reflect this problem to us, not once or twice, so I compiled this article for your reference. a bit:

磁性 Galvanized square tube has normal magnetic properties, but it can be a little problem if the magnet is strong enough to absorb the welding wire. Generally, galvanized square pipes and steel plates are more or less magnetic. Even after contact with ferromagnetic materials, the residual magnetism is not large. If the magnetism is particularly strong, the following methods can be used to affect welding:

1. Use physical demagnetization, winding the coil near the welding joint, energizing demagnetization (this method is the most effective);

2, when switching to galvanized square tube, try to change the polarity;

3. If the process permits, it can be heated according to the requirements in the base metal and welding process instructions. Galvanized square pipe grooves are best heated to 700 ° C, but the degaussing effect is the best, but it will reduce the mechanical properties and should not be used.

If you think that the galvanized square tube has poor magnetic properties, you can also perform degaussing. However, the heating and mechanical properties of the galvanized square tube will not be changed, so we better demagnetize, but you can also do it without demagnetizing. It will not affect the effect.

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