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High quality galvanized steel pipe Promotions

High quality galvanized steel pipe Promotions

Welding connection method of galvanized steel pipe

1. The problem of galvanized steel pipe butt joints is not in a straight line and the steel pipe has an oblique mouth. It is recommended that the steel pipe pipe be cut off for a short period before processing.

2. Galvanized steel pipe mouth butt joint phenomenon appears two joints are not tight, resulting in uneven welding thickness; and steel pipe due to its own reasons or transport bumps, resulting in oval pipe mouth, it is recommended to cut off the pipe head for a short period Processing.

3. After the butt joint of galvanized steel pipe, butt holes appear in the pipe mouth:

4. Due to technical reasons during welding.

5. There are zinc knobs at the nozzle, which causes welding difficulties and trachoma problems. Simply remove the zinc knobs when the zinc knobs are too large and too many tubes.

hot dipp galvanized steel pipe weight calculation

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