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Wholesale China hot rolled steel pipe Manufacturers Price

Wholesale China hot rolled steel pipe Manufacturers Price 

When the steel pipe is hot rolled, the metal has high plasticity and low deformation resistance, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of metal deformation. Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metals and alloys, that is, the coarse grains in the as-cast state are broken, significant cracks are healed, casting defects are reduced or eliminated, the as-cast structure is transformed into deformed structure, and the processability of the alloy is improved.

After the hot-rolled steel pipe is hot-rolled, the non-metallic inclusions (mainly sulfides and oxides, and silicates) inside the steel are pressed into thin slices, and delamination (interlayer) occurs. Delamination greatly deteriorates the tensile properties of the steel in the thickness direction, and interlayer tearing may occur when the weld seam shrinks. The local strain induced by the shrinkage of the weld often reaches several times the yield point strain, which is much larger than the strain caused by the load.

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