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Wholesale China Square Steel angle flat bar

There are a variety of special-shaped steels. According to the cross-sectional shape of the profiled steel, the hot-rolled square steel is divided into two types: a simple section steel and a complex section steel. The simple section profile steel mainly has square steel round steel flat steel angle steel, etc. Etc., and the four varieties of profiled steel are square steel round steel flat and angle steel.

Square steel is the section of steel is square, there are two kinds of hot rolling and cold rolling, the side length of hot rolled square steel is different from the side length of cold rolled square steel, the length of hot rolled side is five to two hundred and fifty millimeters, cold The side length of the rolling is three to one hundred millimeters. Round steel is a round section of steel. There are three kinds of hot-rolled cold-drawn and forged. The hot-rolled diameter is mostly danced to 250 mm, and five to nine millimeters are used as raw materials for the horn wire. Also known as wire rods, they are usually supplied in trays, so they are also called hot-rolled wire rods; the diameter of cold-drawn round steel is three to one hundred millimeters, and the size is relatively high; the forged round steel is relatively thick. Most of them are used as shaft blanks.

As for flat steel, it can be used as a finished steel. It can also be used as a blank for welded pipes. It can be used as a thin slab when stacking thin plates. Most of the sections are rectangular and have a little pure edge. Twelve to three hundred millimeters thick is four to sixty millimeters and can be used to make hoops or mechanical parts and tools, such as frame structures and escalators. Angle steel has two kinds of equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. The general angle steel specification is expressed by the size of the side long side thickness. If the specification is the number, the length is the number of centimeters.

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