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Coils usually refer to wire windings in the form of loops. The most common coil applications are: motors, inductors, transformers, and loop antennas. The coil in the circuit is the inductor. The guide wires are wound one by one, and the wires are insulated from each other, and the insulating tube may be hollow, or may include an iron core or a magnetic powder core, referred to as an inductor. Inductance can be divided into fixed inductors and variable inductors. Fixed inductor coils are referred to as inductors or coils for short. Expressed in L, the units are Henry (H), Milli-Henry (mH), Micro-Henry (uH), 1H = 10 ^ 3mH = 10 ^ 6uH.

Coil classification:

Single layer coil

The single-layer coil is wound around the paper tube or bakelite skeleton with insulated wires one by one. Such as transistor radio medium wave antenna coil.

A single-layer winding is a winding in which only one effective side of a coil is embedded in each stator slot, so the total number of its coils is only half of the total number of slots of the motor. The advantages of single-layer windings are that the number of windings is small and the process is relatively simple; there is no interlayer insulation and the utilization rate of the slots is improved; single-layer structures do not cause interphase breakdown faults. The disadvantage is that the electromagnetic waveform generated by the winding is not ideal, the iron loss and noise of the motor are large, and the starting performance is slightly worse, so the single layer winding is generally only used in small capacity asynchronous motors.


If the coil is wound, its plane is not parallel to the rotating surface, but intersects at a certain angle. This coil is called a hive coil. The number of times the wire is bent back and forth after one rotation is often called the number of folds. The advantages of the honeycomb winding method are small volume, small distributed capacitance, and large inductance. The hive coils are all wound using a hive winding machine. The more break points, the smaller the distributed capacitance.

The hive coil is small in size, small in latent capacitance, large inductive, and high in Q. Therefore, many radio tuning coils, oscillating coils, and high-frequency chokes are wound in this way. The other way is good. In the factory, this kind of coil is usually wound with a hive.

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