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The domestic steel industry PMI (Purchasing Manager Index) was 53.4%, a decrease of 1.4 percentage points from the previous month. PMI shows that the current 27simn thick-walled steel pipe industry production has slowed down, and raw material prices have risen, but the order situation is good, the export situation has improved, the sales of finished products are relatively smooth, and the enterprise benefits are better. The market outlook for the steel market is expected to be good, and the price of 27simn thick-walled steel pipes still has some support at high levels.


The transformation and upgrading of 27simn thick-walled steel pipe industry, merger and reorganization is an important way, marketization is the direction, and solutions should be provided from an industrial perspective. Taking the pilot demonstration of smart manufacturing as a starting point, we will gradually explore and form a new model of smart manufacturing that can be promoted and replicated throughout the industry. Raise the green development level of the 27simn thick-walled steel pipe industry to achieve sustainable development.

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